You’re beautiful in your darkness

You’re beautiful in your darkness
Black fires licking your irises
Gaze through scorched skin
Sweating, clothes melting off
Cheeks burn crimson
Waving black curles like Medusa
You speak in tongues
of hatred & death
But wishing for life
for a cooling
a calming ocean
to be among the colorful fish
Your face alight with internal rage
or is it passion –
only when I’m on your mind do you feel
peace & love.
Nose pointed like a needle
pinched with spite
Still your mouth remains kissable
Pure cherry red against your freshly cleansed pale complexion
– rested
Tainted by the midday sun’s baring of your darkness
Then, sensuously tempting by nightfall
with your brow furrowed the day’s bleeding of your mind.
Your body radiates clear flames
Concentration & rumination breeding disconnection
Until the pain of burning is no longer alive.
[I know your pain. I felt it once, too.]

-written by Karen Marie L. 7/21/06


~ by Karen L. on June 11, 2015.

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