Black Velvet

Evenings showed by nightfall,
     lighted by the cities’ lights.
     A precious thing, you know.
       Sometimes scary,
       Always deserving.
     A time for escape.
         To another world. Another time.
         To realize who we really are,
         where we’ve come from.
         To find ourselves.

Night is like black velvet –
     Darkening the sky, yet softening the wrinkles of the sweay sun,
Cooling the flaring tempers of the daytime’s heat wave.
Some say nigh is the end of another day.
I think night just the beginning of something more spectacular.
Nighttime is a colorful,
                     peaceful time.
         It’s when dreams are made,
            almost taking on a different place in the universe.
                     A place for dreamers,
Night’s darkness is like the creative mind’s switch.
         Turn off the switch,
                and certain things glow.
It’s all in the mind.
Give it a try, sometime.



~ by Karen L. on February 8, 2016.

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