Wrapped in light blue blanket,       
      Draped in it, wearing it like the Madonna’s blue robes –            
      Over the head, cascading down the body,                                      
            Flowing like a waterfall,  
Standing in the December snow,                                             
      Glittering with silver blue moonlight,                                                  
      Moon surrounded by midnight blue sky,               
            Speckled with blue-hot stars, 
Blue-in-the-face with cold,                              
      With the coolness of numbness, unfeeling,                                       
        The intensity of sadness, madness,                                           
            Choking on icicle tears                                
     Frozen, frosty over the veins under the skin of    
            The eyes –                                   
        Gray, Baby, Royal, and Periwinkle,                       
    Washed out with heavy eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner                                    
      Which stand out like a blue neon sign –         
Glass windows to the soul,                                       
      The ghost that glows in the dark,                                          
     Glows the same blue that                                             
        Flashes through the sky when lightning bolts, strikes,                                                        Flickers at the strike of a match,                                                
            Heats up a pot on the stove that                                                   
              Has the blue reflection of dark metals,                                           
                  Iron and steel. 

by karen marieL. 11/11/1998


~ by Karen L. on March 8, 2017.

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