Plunged head first with ease into dark water
              A second skin
              Second nature 
I sat at the edge of the pool,
 Placed my hands together as if in prayer:
            Prayer hands split waves
                           Head follows hands
                           In a silent bow
                           And quiet blurp and splash
                           As I disappear beneath the surface
                           Eyes closed
                                        Hiding from the darkess of deep water
                                        Dark green and murky
                                        The uncleaned pool 
                          Bliss follows ignorance
                                        Dive goes unnoticed
                                        Until I’m beneath the waves
                                        Far from sunlight
                                        Unable to resurface and breathe
                                             Then I open my eyes 

by Karen Lacki


~ by Karen L. on March 8, 2017.

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