The Hunters’ Return

“The Hunters’ Return”

Thanksgiving morning greeted the town with a fresh, early snow. 
We had slept late and as soon as we woke 
Mother sent us out to play so she could prepare for dinner. 
Our fathers promised to be back the day before the holiday, 
But they were nowhere to be seen. 
My mother was worried. 

Mary and I walked down by the wall- 
Over Waterfall Bridge with our skates slung over our shoulders. 
The upper lakes were too crowded so we hiked down the small hill 
To the frozen river below the falls.  She kept falling down, 
So I grabbed her apron and pulled her along. We laughed heartily 
Until she heard the crows. 
We stopped and listened. 

Another crow squawk.  The breeze rattled the bare-branched 
Trees and swirled around our numbing cheeks. 
The bells from all the churches sang out in joy. 
They greeted our fathers. 

They were home at last.  I pointed toward North Hill 
And we exclaimed a “Hurrah!” as our fathers descended 
The long hill.  Their dogs followed close behind – some jumping, 
Some weary, all protecting our fresh dinners. 
We thanked God for their safe return home. 

by Karen Lacki

Based on this painting


~ by Karen L. on March 8, 2017.

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