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I was four when I flew,
Space-walked down the living room stairs,
Bounced two steps at a time,
Floated slowly down.
I was free.
I lost myself in oblivion
   Slow motion.
Pam never saw me
Never saw me crash on the
  Slippery-when-wet school floor.
I only remember screaming.



Black Velvet

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Evenings showed by nightfall,
     lighted by the cities’ lights.
     A precious thing, you know.
       Sometimes scary,
       Always deserving.
     A time for escape.
         To another world. Another time.
         To realize who we really are,
         where we’ve come from.
         To find ourselves.

Night is like black velvet –
     Darkening the sky, yet softening the wrinkles of the sweay sun,
Cooling the flaring tempers of the daytime’s heat wave.
Some say nigh is the end of another day.
I think night just the beginning of something more spectacular.
Nighttime is a colorful,
                     peaceful time.
         It’s when dreams are made,
            almost taking on a different place in the universe.
                     A place for dreamers,
Night’s darkness is like the creative mind’s switch.
         Turn off the switch,
                and certain things glow.
It’s all in the mind.
Give it a try, sometime.


The Conduit

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Energy. Transport.

Supplying power.


Spirit to Mouth.

The conduit:

The body thru which He flows,


Tapped in,

Radiating tongues

Transformed to Light,

Eminating energy

Until we all feel the vibe,

the rhythm of Him:


And we know,

we just know

it’s Him,

His Light,

His Power

Transforming us

Into His image:



-brand new, 12:26pm 11/15/2015, by karen marie lacki

Lily’s Lament

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She’s in a cloak of colors calling loud,
While they are wrapped up in a holding hug
Beyond the cries above a roaring crowd.
He gives her golden hair a gentle tug
And hovers here by her small flower flame –
The lovely Lily longed and lusted gleams
Reflected from the sun of blazing shame
With all her yellow pollen dusted seems
To sit upon a steaming wooden pyre.
The heated gusts like ghosts who want to haunt
The others, teary eyes entranced by fire –
Its arms of orange-red immodest taunt
    The faces in unknowing light, defined
    Unmasked, the lily burns the well refined.

-kml, circa 1998-2001

Come Undone

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Melanie ran to the river, the wrench
In her fist tied behind her back.
He threw a flimsy sheet
Over her head. He thought
She didn’t see him. She saw
She stumbled into the river
When a twig caught the tail
Of the blanket
And her bare foot scraped the
Silky water stones.
The quilt tumbling,
Twisting off her body,
The ripplets bubbling,
Like the muffled piano in her ears.
She glanced up in her breathless silence,
Liquid diamonds glinting through
The leaved sunlight.
Desolate memories of a world
She no longer knew
Flooded her eyes –
Glazed with tears
And those titanic boys –
The one she escaped from
Is the one she can’t forget.

-kml, circa 2001-2006


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  Smoke of a fag/drag
   of a general flag
Eye sag.

The ocean

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I dove in the ocean
But I only became a firefly with hooves
I thrive on carnal thoughts
And eat the vegetation.

-by KML